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Guinness Merchandise
Guinness flavoured chocolate!. Not all items are displayed on website, but
enquire, we stock the entire range.
Replica Road sign.
Smaller version of old style Irish road sign which were in place up until last decade.
The original signs were made of a type of cast metal and had black print on a white
background with a number to indicate the distance in miles. Very few of these sign
remain because of them being stolen as souvenirs or by being replaced by more up
to date fluorescent signs in Kilometers. Our replica signs are of a clay  ( pottery )
material and are hand made and hand painted and come from Schrule in Co.Mayo.
You can order a customised sign with your name or message on it.
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Our shop has a huge array of Irish souvenirs. On the site we will be able to
display only a fraction of this. And for now, we have only a number of Ireland /
Irish theme fridge magnets.