Slate Mirrors & Clocks, Homely Gifts At CoisFarraige Dingle
As all the slate clocks and mirrors are hand-made and have their own individual characteristics, the shape,
chip colouring, etc, will vary.
All items are so individual that we have decided that all internet orders must be answered with a picture of
the exact item being prepared for dispatch. This is because some patterns colouring on the displayed photo
may be important to you and it may not be on the item shipped to you?
As a result of this any order will take a considerable time to deal with, we don't mind spending the time so
long as you have the patience to wait.
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Slate Mirrors And Clocks, Homely Gifts At CoisFarraige
Slate Mirrors And Clocks, Homely Gifts At CoisFarraige Dingle
Slate Mirrors and Clocks, Homely Gifts At CoisFarraige
Clocks F,G,H,I
Smaller size mirrors
approximately 30cm
( 1 foot ) tall
Medium size mirrors
approximately 60cm ( 2
Feet Tall ) A,B,C,D,E
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As there is no longer an
economy service from Ireland to
non European destinations we
unable to offer to ship the
medium to large slate mirrors to
these destinations as the cost
would be prohibitive.
* We no longer ship the items on this page, it is intermittently stocked in the shop *