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"Each piece by Stephen Pearce is a functional thing of beauty, which acquires a character of its own
through use and time"
Product Use
All Stephen Pearce earthenware is designed to be used. Although they are immensely proud of the
aesthetic appeal of their earthenware ranges, each piece is first and foremost about function.

Earthenware alters slightly as it ages in response to the conditions in which it is used. Some pieces, over
time, may craze to give the surface of the piece a very fine hairline pattern and characteristic patina. In the
East this web-like pattern is deemed to enhance the ageing of the pot and adds to the special personality
of each piece.

If you love the simple pleasures in life like good cheeses, milk and butter, then you might be interested in
knowing that earthenware is particularly good for these products as it has unique thermal characteristics
making it ideal for keeping your milk and butter cool in the summer and the cheeses similarly fare better on
platters beneath our cheese domes.
Plate and bowl presentation - Stephen Pearce Pottery Traditional Range
Don't forget when in Dingle,
the full Stephen Pearce
traditional range can be
viewed on our old style pine

Cois Farraige,
Strand Street.
Across from the Quay
Giftware suggestion - Stephen Pearce Pottery Traditional Giftware range
Shanagarry Range
Stephen's parents Philip and Lucy Pearce established Shanagarry Pottery, down a leafy lane, on the
shores of Ballycotton Bay in 1953. The black and white Shanagarry design was first produced here and
soon became an internationally recognised Irish design classic. In 1991 Stephen took over the running of
the Shanagarry Pottery and moved some of the production to his new, purpose built pottery, one mile up
the road to Shanagarry Village, to the Stephen Pearce Gallery, in the grounds of Shanagarry Castle
Purchase six regular coffee mugs or our ever popular espresso coffee cups
and saucers , add a small jug for milk and a bowl for sugar, it makes for a
great gift idea!
Shanagarry close
up on bowls
Stephen Pearce is proud that they can say that Stephen Pearce is 100% organic as all their pieces contain
no lead, cadmium or other non- organic ingredients. To help you enjoy your Stephen Pearce products even
more here are some useful tips:

  • Stephen Pearce has been safely used in the dishwasher for many years by all of us and many of our
    customers too. Just make sure that you put the dishwasher on a gentle cycle and use a dishwasher
    liquid as it is less abrasive than powder.
  • As unglazed earthenware is porous and can absorb moisture, we recommend, if possible, it is stored
    on open shelves. If you store it for long periods of time in a closed cupboard it is a good idea to inter-
    leave it with paper.
  • Always remember, as with most pottery, you should use a coaster or mat when placing a pot on
    highly polished surfaces.
  • Stephen Pearce pottery should not be exposed to a naked flame. It is better to warm plates and pots
    at a gentle heat in a low oven. Putting pots directly onto a hot plate or under a heat lamp could cause
    the pots to crack.
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