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Many of Stephen's products have been handmade to the same exacting specifications for over half a century. They
employ the same techniques, which have been tried and tested by local potters over some two hundred and fifty
years. On this page and pages 2 + 3 you will see the Shanagarry range.

Black and white - White fades to black and constantly alters

Enhance the simple and stylish serving of any meal with Stephen Pearce plates, bowls, cups, saucers, mugs, jugs,
butter dishes and serving pieces. Further choices are available on page 2 and 3
Stephen Pearce Shanagarry cup, saucer, beaker & mug
Pottery Stephen Pearce Shanagarry Plates
Coffee Cup €16.50.
Coffee Saucer €13.50
Handled Beaker €20.50
Regular Mug €20.50
Pottery Stephen Pearce Shanagarry bowls
6" Plate €17.25     9" Coupe Plate €23.00
8" Plate €21.25     11" Coupe Plate €28.00
10" Plate €26.75
Stephen Pearce Shanagarry pasta bowls
4" Bowl €13.95     10" Bowl €47.75
8" Bowl €32.00   12" Bowl €73.50
6" Bowl €19.25
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Small Individual Pasta Bowls €31.25 each
Stephen Pearce Butter dish & sugar bowl
Pottery Stephen Pearce Shanagarry jugs
Large Cream Jug €30.75
1 Pint Jug € 46.00
Large Individual Butter Dish €14.75
Sugar Bowl €24.75
Stephen Pearce Shanagarry Crudite
Stephen Pearce Shanagarry serving dishes
Crudite Plate €50.50
Small Serving Dish €30.00
Large Serving Dish €44.50
Stephen Pearce Shanagarry Page 2
Stephen Pearce Shanagarry Page 3
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