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Our replica old style Irish road signs are based on the metal cast type you can see in some pictures below but
are made of clay ( Pottery ). Hand made and hand painted by Polycrafts, Schrule, Co. Mayo. These signs
measure approximately 10.5 inches by 4.5inces. They have 2 fasteners on back at each end to tie line to if
hanging up. Most are bi-lingual, with both Irish and English names. We aim to keep all the signs in stock unless
otherwise stated.
Customise your own road size with your name or message in whatever language you wish,
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Old Style Cast Road Sign Pointing the way to Connor Pass Hostel, Click to enlarge.
Irish Road sign pointing to 3 world famous locations, click to enlarge.
Irish road signs in the gaeltacht which are required to display Irish language only, click to enlarge.
Multiple old style cast road signs on 1 post, click to enlarge.
Irish Road Sign on road leading out of Tralee, click to enlarge
Irish road sign on road leading out of Tralee, click to enlarge.
On the left is the road sign for the Connor Pass
Hostel. The water in the background is Tralee bay.
This is the old type cast sign with steel support frame.
Irish road signs can be confusing at the moment
because the distance could be in either miles or
kilometres. This sign would be in miles and you can
tell this only by the fact that it is old.  
On the right you can see it on one of the few
surviving old type sign posts. They have either been
replaced with new aluminium signs in Km or stolen as
souvenirs. This post has survived theft (as of
september 2006) probably because they  point to
business interests rather than a location. They have
survived updating probably because they do not point
to an area as such and the council would not be
responsible for replacing them .
Also note, the Connor Pass Hostel sign is pointing in
the wrong direction!
On either side you can see new Style Irish Road sign.
Aluminium sheet supported by an aluminium frame
with plastic lettering stuck on. The distances are
given in kilometres and will normally show the symbol
"km". These signs are maintenance free. The older
cast road signs which had the lettering painted on
would be maintained by repainting at set intervals.
These Road sign painter jobs no longer exists, they
have become obsolete. The coupling on these newer
signs which hold them to the round post are barbed.
This is to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon
above of turning the signs, the new sign only bend
and it is then obvious they have been tampered with.
In the countryside especially, where it is possible to
make the road signs point in the wrong direction, they
are supported by two posts. This makes it impossible
to turn them. On the left is the sign pointing to 3
location which are world famous. Inch was the location
for filming of "Ryan's Daughter". Castlemaine is the
birthplace of the Wild Colonial Boy, Irishman
tranported to Australia in the 1800's who became an
infamous outlaw. Kilarney, well this has to be one of
the most famous towns in Ireland. It is especially
popular with Americans who visit Ireland.
On the right are raod signs pointing out two little rural
areas near Dingle. These road signs have only one
post as there is no alternative routes to point them at.