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Sample of what's to come
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Every piece is hand thrown on the potters wheel; and then layers of texture, markings and slips are applied. The
layers of glaze when fired create the richness and depth of colour for which his work is acclaimed.

His pottery produces an exclusive and much sought after range of tableware and individual pieces. The range is
celebrated for itsoriginality and practical application. The individual and sculpted pieces, are collected as unique art

Michael Kennedy's work is vested with the skill and artistry of the master Craftsman
As Michael Kennedy Pottery is hand-made the Glaze, etc. will vary. If you are adding to some items of Michael
Kennedy Pottery that you already have, we can provide you with photos and dimensions for your approval before
we ship them.
Michael Kennedy Pottery Chinese lantern lit
Alternative view

View in darkroom
Michael Kennedy Ceramics Chinese lantern
Chinese lantern Salt Glaze Range
12 inch (300mm) high  €159
18 inch (450mm) high  €189
Discount for multiple purchases
This is just a taster of what is to come, more of the range will be added by
December. Link to full catalogue file, click link below, allow a few minutes
Our price for this lamp is €189.00. ( €160 to customers outside the EU)
Note: 122MB size
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Michael Kennedy range is currently limited to vases and lamps. We do not know when the rest of the range
will be available again. Also, for visitors from outside of Ireland the cost of shipping from Ireland for these 2
types of item are noramlly prohiitively expensive.