Some more views of Dingle meets the Atlantic. If you would like one of your photos of Dingle meets the
atlantic added to our website you can email it to us,, include as much information
as you wish. Alternatively, post us a photo!
Tall ships visit Dingle
Dingle Marina
Boats search cruise the rocks
Tall ships visit Dingle
Dingle Marina
Inner part of Dingle
Boats play hide and
seek among the rocks
Currach in storeage upside down
Traditional Currach in Action In Dingle Harbour
It seems a long way out for a small boat
Currachs tied down to
concrete piers
Traditional currach in
action in Dingle harbour
Pub named and
formerly run by antartic
explorer Tom Crean
A Long way out for a
small boat, Dingle Bay

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