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To help us and future visitors would you please let us know if you came to our sight for a particular
item and did not find it. We have a well stocked store in Dingle, Ireland with many items not displayed
on our website for various reasons. Maybe we have what you want, it's just not on the site, or maybe
we would add it to our stock if we thought there was enough demand. What else would you like to see
on our website, suggestions, comments, please take a moment and let us know at

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jack o'patsy pottery at our shop Dingle
Colm de Ris Pottery at our shop Dingle
( Pottery )
Jack o'Patsy
Earthenware( Pottery ), No
longer available but left onsite
due requests for information
Stephen Pearce
( Pottery )
Knitwear sweater hooded
dingle shop showing selection of the slate available
Guinness Merchandise
View a tiny selection of
the merchandise we have
available in the shop
Slate mirrors
and clocks
Knitwear and
clothing page
Michael Kennedy Pottery
Fireworks Range
Michael Kennedy
Pottery Burren Range
Michael Kennedy Pottery
Salt Glaze Range
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Pottery Knitwear Gifts Coisfarraige DIngle Home page